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The Simplicity of In-Your-Office Banking

TruPoint Bank can eliminate the distance between you and your bank. If you have room for a sheet of paper on your desk, you have room for your very own bank. Express Banker will enable you to scan your daily check deposits and transmit the images directly from your desktop to your checking account. Express Banker is easy to use, secure, and lets you consolidate field accounts into one settlement account.

How Express Banker Keeps it Simple

We’re all about simple, and that’s why TruPoint Bank is offering Express Banker. Here is how it works. Using our desktop scanner, you will quickly scan checks to create a digital image of both the front and back of the check. This will capture the MICR line information necessary for deposit.

The system will, in most instances, automatically read the dollar amount of each check. You will only need to key any MICR line information it cannot read along with any additional information you choose to identify the deposit.

Your check images are then delivered to the bank via our secure internet connection. Upon arrival here at the bank, we will perform an image quality analysis to ensure the images are acceptable for deposit. Provided you meet the cutoff deadline, deposits are in your account the following business day. It’s that simple.

All you need to use Express Banker is an active TruPoint Bank business checking account, a high-speed internet connection, Windows 7  or better operating system, and one of our Panini check scanners.


  • Electronic clearing of items – By scanning your checks, your items will clear electronically and expedite funds availability.
  • Preferred check clearing channels – Express Banker uses software with built-in intelligence to assist in clearing your checks via image exchange.
  • Enhanced security features – With Express Banker, digital certificates and stringent security procedures ensure protection of every check you transmit.
  • On-line access to information – Obtain access via the internet to images, deposits and reports for up to two years.


  • Faster Access to Funds
  • Eliminate Inconvenient, Time-Consuming Trips to the Bank
  • Consolidate Remote Funds into One Account
  • Easy Access to Historical Data
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Secure from your Office

To learn more, simply stop by one of our office locations, contact a Loan Officer, or call (423) 943-8352 today and speak to the Treasury Services Officer.


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