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Is your business ready to take the next step? TruPoint Bank can help you do exactly that, with a variety of loans to help make it happen. Your company may need a loan for a number of reasons, but the important thing to remember is that we understand how your business works, and we understand the freedom that comes from being prepared for the future. Trust your local bank to know your business and its needs, all while serving you with excellent rates and unbeatable service.

One of the greatest challenges facing any business owner today is how to properly manage the company’s finances. The questions vary from small, like which checking account to choose, to large, like: Lease or build? Expand? Diversify? How do we pay for it all?

At TruPoint Bank, we’re your financial partner. That’s why we offer a wide array of lending programs…all with the built-in flexibility and responsiveness that can only come from a local banking leader. Whether it’s to buy property, equipment, construction, inventory, or just to get your business on its feet, when it’s time to move forward with your business, TruPoint Bank is here to help.


  • Competitive Rates
  • Flexible Terms
  • Personal Service
  • Local Decision Making

TruPoint Bank offers SBA Loans for eligible small businesses in order to finance real estate expansion, machinery and equipment projects, through long-term, fixed-rate funding. This specialty loan might be just what your small business needs in order to get ahead of the competition.


Our Commercial Mortgage programs offer competitive rates and a number of flexible terms, such as low down payments and low monthly payments to help you finance items such as storage facilities, manufacturing facilities, apartments, professional offices, retail and wholesale space.

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If you build it, they will come…but first you have to build it. Get a loan that works with your budget and meets all of your financial needs. Our personalized service and experienced business bankers can help make sure you are on your way to breaking ground and building your dreams.

Our Construction Lines of Credit provide funds for items such as building storage facilities, manufacturing facilities, apartments, professional offices, retail and wholesale space. They also enable you to renovate or remodel existing properties.

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Lines of Credit

Need short term working capital? Our business lines of credit can help you meet your short-term needs, such as seasonal inventory purchases or cash flow issues.

This is an ideal solution for short-term financing. You can access the exact amount of money you need, when you need it. This means you aren’t borrowing too much money at any given time, which saves you money on interest. It also means you have the comfort of knowing you can meet all of your short-term needs.

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Letters of Credit

When you obtain a Letter of Credit, TruPoint Bank will issue a guarantee of payment to help you make purchases or to transact business with companies or entities that require such. Letters of credit are helpful when you have limited trading experience or credit history.

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