Keisha Pierce

Need cash for business growth?

Bank local. Call Keisha today!

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Debit Card Security

Set Up Debit Card Alerts!

Get alerts every time your TruPoint Visa Card is used!

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Love where you live

LOVE where you live!

Get $500 toward closing costs with a Home Equity Line of Credit!

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Does your business need help? Consider an SBA loan.

Does your business need help navigating these challenging times? An SBA loan might be the right solution to meet your needs, goals and budget.

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 Try eStatements

Easy Access. Secure and FREE.

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Express Banker

The simplicity of in-your-office banking.



Buying a house?

See how simple we can make it.

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Visa Alerts

More tools for tracking your account your way. Alerts from TruPoint powered by Visa help you reduce fraud and monitor your spending anytime, anywhere.

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